Please complete one form per child enrolled in Tamim Academy NYC.





    By clicking this tab, I hereby give my child permission to go on walking trips in the neighborhood and on trips via school bus or public transportation. I understand that I will receive notification of upcoming trips through the school calendar and email. I further understand that the children may go on walking trips in the neighborhood without prior notification.

    By clicking this tab, I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood that in case of medical emergency, G-d forbid, the school will call Hatzalah or 911. If the Emergency Responders decide that the situation warrants swift medical attention, child will be taken to nearest hospital together with his/her medical file. Parents will be immediately notified. Until a parent is reached, the director or teacher will be in charge and make all decisions about the care of the child. In all non-emergency situations, the parents will be contacted. If parents cannot be reached, we will contact your pediatrician and follow instructions. In situations where the child must be taken home and you cannot be reached, we will contact the people indicated above. By signing this form you also consent to assume any and all fiscal responsibilities incurred by the school in the course of your child's medical emergency. I hereby authorize the Tamim Academy NYC to obtain necessary medical treatment for my child in accordance with the above-mentioned Emergency Policy.

    By clicking this tab, I hereby give permission to the staff of Tamim Academy NYC to apply topical, over-the-counter creams to my child according to label instructions.

    By clicking this tab, I hereby give Tamim Academy NYC permission to use my child’s likeness for publicity purposes on social media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Tamim Academy NYC website etc.), to help promote their program.

    From time to time educational professionals retained by Tamim Academy NYC , such as a school psychologist, occupational therapist etc., will be observing my child's classroom. I hearby give permission for my child to be present during such observations.

    In the event that my child or any other household member test positive for COVID-19, I will immediately inform the school with the name(s) of the adults or children. This information will be shared with the NYC Department of Health as well as with any parents or staff members that the school deems necessary to inform. In addition, if any child or household member enters quarantine, I will inform the school as well.

    In the event that a COVID-19 vaccine is released and required by the NYC Department of Health, I will have my child vaccinated accordingly and I understand that the school reserves the right to exclude my child from attending until my child is vaccinated.

    Submit an additional form for each additional child enrolled in school.


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